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BMW bobber TFX Twinset 450mm

€ 850,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

De absolute must voor het bouwen van een BMW R bobber. De veren zijn 450mm lang, en dat heeft bijna geen ander merk!

TFX Type 130 Emulsion shock absorber is best suited for light duty applications and has been developed for the

recreational riders. This, easy to use shock absorber is some of the best replacement shock you can buy for your BMW.

This shock features a continuously adjustable spring preload and the rebound damping can be changed by 45 clicks.

The shock has a smaller diameter of Ø36mm and is often used in classic BMW motorcycles.

Our TFX shock absorbers are based on a modular system.

This means we can replace/repair each individual part.

This shock has a warranty of 5 years.