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€ 2.135,00 (inclusief btw 21%)


Hub cast in aluminium  effective dia. 210 mm

Shoe plate in magnesium

2 magnesium brake shoes width 30 mm.

36 spoke holes

7 sprocket mounting



The Ceriani brakes were produced in only one diameter: 230 mm. both front and back. There were two versions of the front brake - wide and narrow. The narrow was suited to medium capacity bykes and was fitted as standard to the competition 250/350 Aermacchi Ala d'Oro; latre the widersize was developed, wich different from the first in the size of the shoes (and therefore of the braking area) and externally in the larger cooling air intake. The larger moder was fitted originally only to the MV three cylinders of Agostini, after they were regularly placed on sale. The Ceriani drum brakes were the finest ever produced; they were resistent of fading, highly efficent and free from problems of cracking of the cast iron inserts.

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