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Motogadget Motosign Mini

€ 95,95 (inclusief btw 21%)

Motogadget Motosign Mini

The motosign mini is the indicator lights unit accompanying the motoscope mini.
It is extremely compact and features 5 colored LEDs. Series resistors are integrated.

The casing 
The high-quality aluminium casing is machined from a solid block using CNC technology and comes in anodized or mirror polished finish. 
Secure mounting with two threaded holes (M3) on back side.
The components are completely moulded-in, the casing is water-tight and resistant to vibrations.

Parts delivered
motosign mini with approx. 50 cm connector cable (9 wires), connecting diagram. 

Please note the two orange LEDs are replaced with green ones according to EU regulations since 2011.